Christina Jung is an artist and illustrator living and working a sweet four blocks from the beach in foggy San Francisco, CA. She studied illustration at California College of the Arts, exercising her fondness of printmaking, sculpture and graphic design in the process. Her interests include fairy tales, science fiction, pattern work, creatures of all shapes and sizes, and using those remarkable five-fingered mitts at the ends of her arms to create anything and everything.

You can contact Christina for freelance work, commissions, design doo-dads, and other odds and ends via:

cell: 510.612.2270
email: c@cjungart.com

And through social media here:

facebook: facebook.com/cjungart
instagram: instagram.com/cjungart
twitter: twitter.com/cjungart
linkedin: linkedin.com/in/cjungart
behance: be.net/cjungart