Oh, Mother of Mine

My mother is the strongest woman I know. She is generous and loyal, loving and driven. She defends and supports my sister and me with the breath of her being, and has put up with my nonsense and mood swings for the past 24 years (for which I am forever grateful). My mother is my [...]

Buzzfeed Fans Unite!

Like many young people, I am proud [read: ashamed to admit] that I spend hours on the internet every single day. In those hours I’m usually: watching shows (because who watches TV on TV anymore?..); clicking through Wikipedia on the various origins of symbols and myths, weird genetic abnormalities, and biographies of serial killers; and [...]

Photoshop Painting Dump

After years of denying digital art and committing to creating everything by hand, I’m finally practicing working in Photoshop! You can expect a bunch of random practice paintings coming soon, as I find a technique I’m comfortable with and refine it. So far, I’m liking the look of a chalky brush, rather than the airbrush [...]

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