Jenny and Dan

I was recently commissioned to make a wedding ring box, and since the ceremony is today, it seems like the right time to unveil it.

It was fun to do some girly wedding script, and after finalizing the design with Jenny, I went shopping for laser cutting services nearby. Usually I would use the CCA laser cutter, but with the school shop closed for the summer, I sent the piece to Pagoda Arts in SF. Once assembled, I finished it with Feed-N-Wax (which has a lovely orange scent), and padded the interior to hold the two wedding bands. Congratulations, Jenny and Dan!

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  1. Anonymouse says:

    This is amazing.
    So amazing that I was inspired to write a Haiku.
    Just for you:

    Oh god yes. Wood Porn.
    Photos don’t flatter wood porn.
    I am still turned on.

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