I Heard the Internet Likes Cats

Below: How I go about designing something to be screenprinted, otherwise known as “Christina madly scribbling on design vellum with many many types of pens.”

So I heard the Internet has a thing for cats. Is that still a thing? Or is that totally 2005? Regardless of whether cats are still in vogue online or not, this (the above) is a thing that’s happening. Backstory: a lot of my favorite pieces that I’ve done come from emotionally-charged times in my life, or are inspired by important people entering or leaving it. Example: a break-up with boyfriend of 3 years churns out a piece that makes it through the SI student competition of the year, to at least be published in their booklet. This one turned out more as “girl likes guy, guy likes metal, girl makes her interpretation of a fake cat-metal band shirt/poster design”. And I’d totally wear this shirt. I’m still working out the logistics of getting a small run of them printed, but I’m looking forward to the results.

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