Photoshop Painting Dump

After years of denying digital art and committing to creating everything by hand, I’m finally practicing working in Photoshop! You can expect a bunch of random practice paintings coming soon, as I find a technique I’m comfortable with and refine it. So far, I’m liking the look of a chalky brush, rather than the airbrush [...]

Sketchbook: Nov/Dec

I used to be terrible about sharing my sketches with people. I would desperately clutch my sketchbook to my chest and run and hide. I wouldn’t let anyone see. I think part of that was from being a pre-teen/teenager, and just wanting everything to be private. I think the other part of that was just [...]

Hand Lettering

  It has always made sense for illustration and graphic design to go hand in hand. A good illustration will be well-crafted and conceptually sound. A really great illustration will do all that and consider the placement of type. It is especially important to be mindful of this in magazines, book covers, posters, etc. In [...]

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