I Heard the Internet Likes Cats

Below: How I go about designing something to be screenprinted, otherwise known as “Christina madly scribbling on design vellum with many many types of pens.” So I heard the Internet has a thing for cats. Is that still a thing? Or is that totally 2005? Regardless of whether cats are still in vogue online or [...]

Bear-ing my Heart

One of my best buddies, bear-enthusiast, pun-lover and kick-ass illustrator Christie Lee turned 22 on Sunday! And it is with great pride that I can say I finished a birthday present on time. Below is how I went about painting my gift for her. Step 1: plenty of doodling and noodling around… Step 2: refining [...]

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is one of my favorite classics, and I’ve been working on a book cover and a couple interior illustrations for it. Usually I would paint (as acrylic is my one true love), but I decided to try something new: charcoal drawings compiled digitally. The tooth of the paper and the texture of charcoal [...]

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