Buzzfeed Fans Unite!

Like many young people, I am proud [read: ashamed to admit] that I spend hours on the internet every single day. In those hours I’m usually: watching shows (because who watches TV on TV anymore?..); clicking through Wikipedia on the various origins of symbols and myths, weird genetic abnormalities, and biographies of serial killers; and passionately watching videos and reading articles and quizzes on BUZZFEED(!)

I’ve seen too many of those Buzzfeed videos, honestly. I’ve come to the point at which my mind perceives those actors as my friends (which may speak to my current social isolation) and the scarce minutes/seconds of each video are like hugs or meeting up for coffee

and they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. In making these images, my inner crazed fangirl is sated. She feels like she’s paying tribute to these actors/producers/creators-of-media-that-people-trolling-the-internet-want-to-see, and thanking them for the laughs, smiles, and OH-MY-GOD-THAT’S-SO-TRUE’s that I’ve enjoyed from Buzzfeed content.

I’m excited to say that these portraits have been the real first step in me creating and finishing art that I want to do, rather than art that I have to do. And hopefully these are the start of something good for me. :)

SO! That’s the backstory for these four pieces, the beginning of a continuing series of Buzzfeed Video portraits on my list of things to do. Enjoy!– and keep an eye out on my Instagram/Facebook/here for more of them. If you’re interested in me drawing you… let me know… (totally not for free, but if I know you in real life, you’re probably gettin’ the friends/family discount, dude)

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