Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

animal vegetable mineral box

I love making things. Things on flat surfaces, on walls, in 3D space, on computers, with paint, clay, paper, wood, fabric… everything ever. And I got the chance to combine my love for the tactile/three-dimensional, science, and art in this project.

animal vegetable mineral box details

“Animal Vegetable Mineral” (A.V.M.) is a collection of lasercut plywood cards housed in an archival box I designed and constructed. It explores the visual, conceptual, and often convoluted connections between natural pattern and design with elements of other systems, as varied as pop-culture, history, and literature. The front of each wooden card bears an ink drawing of mine, and the back an appropriated image or snippet of text.

animal vegetable mineral box

I used an acrylic matte medium to transfer my ink drawings to the wood. The piece has been donated to the Prelinger Library in San Francisco, CA, and can be found there in an archival box along with the projects of a dozen or so other artists. If you’d like to see the rest of it, I suggest you go and take a look at the library! You just might find yourself at Prelinger for hours. Enjoy.

animal vegetable mineral box open

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