December, 2012

Process, Part One

One of my very best friends’ birthday is today, and I’m working on a present for her! I usually procrastinate about birthday presents, or write it off as too difficult to get done in time during the semester, but this time I’m resolute, and it WILL happen. My friend/roommate Tori is a photography/design/printmaking major, and [...]

Sketchbook: Nov/Dec

I used to be terrible about sharing my sketches with people. I would desperately clutch my sketchbook to my chest and run and hide. I wouldn’t let anyone see. I think part of that was from being a pre-teen/teenager, and just wanting everything to be private. I think the other part of that was just [...]

In the Archives

So much of an illustrator’s quest for reference is now online, thanks to google images, etc. I’m not disparaging it, as it’s my go-to source for a quick image. However, there’s something to be said for going into a place full of history and finding images for yourself. The tactile sensation of flipping through a [...]

The Young Artist’s Guide to Gift-Giving

Young people have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to gift-giving during the holiday season. If you’re in high school, college, or fresh out into the real world, unless you’ve unearthed the long-lost treasure of the Knights Templar or are working five different jobs, your budget is probably pretty low. BUT! One of my mentors, [...]

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is one of my favorite classics, and I’ve been working on a book cover and a couple interior illustrations for it. Usually I would paint (as acrylic is my one true love), but I decided to try something new: charcoal drawings compiled digitally. The tooth of the paper and the texture of charcoal [...]


To me, every hue, shade, and tint of color has personality. They’re like people, really. Some of them are the popular kids–super cool, edgy, and loud. Others are wallflowers at the school dance, hanging out in the background, but adding fullness to the group. The artist concerns herself with grouping all these disparate personalities together [...]

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