I Heard the Internet Likes Cats

Below: How I go about designing something to be screenprinted, otherwise known as “Christina madly scribbling on design vellum with many many types of pens.”

So I heard the Internet has a thing for cats. Is that still a thing? Or is that totally 2005? Regardless of whether cats are still in vogue online or not, this (the above) is a thing that’s happening. Backstory: a lot of my favorite pieces that I’ve done come from emotionally-charged times in my life, or are inspired by important people entering or leaving it. Example: a break-up with boyfriend of 3 years churns out a piece that makes it through the SI student competition of the year, to at least be published in their booklet. This one turned out more as “girl likes guy, guy likes metal, girl makes her interpretation of a fake cat-metal band shirt/poster design”. And I’d totally wear this shirt. I’m still working out the logistics of getting a small run of them printed, but I’m looking forward to the results.

Oh, Mother of Mine

jung family portrait

My mother is the strongest woman I know. She is generous and loyal, loving and driven. She defends and supports my sister and me with the breath of her being, and has put up with my nonsense and mood swings for the past 24 years (for which I am forever grateful). My mother is my role model, and I hope to one day be a mother and human being as amazing as she is.

To my mother, and every mother out there, I thank you for sharing your strength and love with this world.

Buzzfeed Fans Unite!

Like many young people, I am proud [read: ashamed to admit] that I spend hours on the internet every single day. In those hours I’m usually: watching shows (because who watches TV on TV anymore?..); clicking through Wikipedia on the various origins of symbols and myths, weird genetic abnormalities, and biographies of serial killers; and passionately watching videos and reading articles and quizzes on BUZZFEED(!)

I’ve seen too many of those Buzzfeed videos, honestly. I’ve come to the point at which my mind perceives those actors as my friends (which may speak to my current social isolation) and the scarce minutes/seconds of each video are like hugs or meeting up for coffee

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Photoshop Painting Dump

two-tone character study

After years of denying digital art and committing to creating everything by hand, I’m finally practicing working in Photoshop! You can expect a bunch of random practice paintings coming soon, as I find a technique I’m comfortable with and refine it.

So far, I’m liking the look of a chalky brush, rather than the airbrush look; it seems like a good style transition for me, and helps me feel like I’m still working on paper.

Jenny and Dan

I was recently commissioned to make a wedding ring box, and since the ceremony is today, it seems like the right time to unveil it.

It was fun to do some girly wedding script, and after finalizing the design with Jenny, I went shopping for laser cutting services nearby. Usually I would use the CCA laser cutter, but with the school shop closed for the summer, I sent the piece to Pagoda Arts in SF. Once assembled, I finished it with Feed-N-Wax (which has a lovely orange scent), and padded the interior to hold the two wedding bands. Congratulations, Jenny and Dan!

Bear-ing my Heart

One of my best buddies, bear-enthusiast, pun-lover and kick-ass illustrator Christie Lee turned 22 on Sunday! And it is with great pride that I can say I finished a birthday present on time. Below is how I went about painting my gift for her.

Step 1: plenty of doodling and noodling around…

Step 2: refining it some more…

Step 3: getting the sketch…

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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

animal vegetable mineral box

I love making things. Things on flat surfaces, on walls, in 3D space, on computers, with paint, clay, paper, wood, fabric… everything ever. And I got the chance to combine my love for the tactile/three-dimensional, science, and art in this project.

animal vegetable mineral box details

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Process, Part One

One of my very best friends’ birthday is today, and I’m working on a present for her! I usually procrastinate about birthday presents, or write it off as too difficult to get done in time during the semester, but this time I’m resolute, and it WILL happen.

My friend/roommate Tori is a photography/design/printmaking major, and she works super well with models and people in general. She takes great photos of all her friends, and I felt it was high time I made her a nice portrait of herself too. I’m aiming for an illustrative, semi-narrative, not-so-traditional angle. So! Here’s the first part of the process:

My thumbnails are usually pretty rough, and I like to base my composition on a shape or flow of motion that appeals to me and works with the subject. I draw focus to what’s important in the piece by using the shape of the elements. In this case, the composition is directing the eye up to her head.

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Sketchbook: Nov/Dec

I used to be terrible about sharing my sketches with people. I would desperately clutch my sketchbook to my chest and run and hide. I wouldn’t let anyone see. I think part of that was from being a pre-teen/teenager, and just wanting everything to be private. I think the other part of that was just who I was. Quiet, secretive, and very closed-off. Out of necessity, and due to changes in my personality, I’m able to share my rough work with people now. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to survive as an illustrator.

Here’s some doodles from my sketchbook this month:

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In the Archives

So much of an illustrator’s quest for reference is now online, thanks to google images, etc. I’m not disparaging it, as it’s my go-to source for a quick image. However, there’s something to be said for going into a place full of history and finding images for yourself. The tactile sensation of flipping through a dusty, century-old publication is really something else.

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